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BFU Cruise 2008

In 2008 Baltic Floating University Programme celebrated 15 years of its successful operation since it was started in 1993. But unlike other years, in July, 2008 the Training-Through-Research cruise was carried out only onboard the sailing catamaran “Centaurus-II” in the Gulf of Finland. Besides the research cruise the BFU activity also included cultural and educational programs in St.-Petersburg, Kronshtadt and Vyborg.

The cruise of “Centaurus II” was carried out in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. Four crew members, three RSHU teachers, two scientists from the Zoological Institute (RAS), and thirteen students (six from Russia, three from Spain, two from Portugal, one from Italy, and one from Colombia) were participants of this expedition.

The scientific and educational work on board included measurement of hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological parameters, assessment of meteorological situation as well as lectures and seminars on environmental problems of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland in particular. Students have been participating in all kinds of work, have been trained in data pre-processing and have presented their preliminary results on the Post-Cruise seminar, held in St.Petersburg.

Through the combination of the research, education and training efforts during the 2008 cruise the TTR-approach was successfully fulfilled.

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