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Directions of research activities

• Research of atmospheric processes and the phenomena for the perfection of the methods of weather analysis and forecast, estimation of possible climat changes under the influence of natural and anthropogenous factors in the frame of interests of national economy and environment protection.

• Theoretical and experimental researches of interrelation of the hydrometeorology processes in power-active and bioproductive areas of the World ocean with the purpose of increase of the efficiency hydrometeorology maintenance for the national economy. Researching of the water resources dynamics and water objects qualities under the natural and anthropogenous development of the hydrometeorology processes for purpose of a system creation of the rational using and protection of surface waters.

• Development of the scientific-methodical bases for increase of stability of the water and air environment to the anthropogenous loadings.

• Creation the diagnostic and forecasting models of the natural and technogen catastrophic situations on water objects and a atmosphere ground layer with the purpose of increase of the measures efficiency on prevention of the negative ecological consequences.

• Research of the geophysical and meteorological factors influencing to the biological organisms. Monitoring of "meteopatic risk factors" to health of the person.

Meteorological Faculty

Meteorological Forecasts Department
Non-uniformly scaled factors influence on formation of weather and climate features

Recommendation for the improvement their quality. The adaptive automated system of interpretation probabilities of categorical short-term temperature forecasts. Estimation of meteorological risks for enterprises of North-West District from convective phenomena. Physical-statistical models of long-period circulation changes and thermal conditions of atmosphere on climatic and interannual scales. Estimation of local predictability limits of atmospheric motions, revelation of climate change tendencies and scheme of long-term weather forecast. Modified schemes of physical processes parameterization, inclusion in atmospheric models. Estimation of relative role of natural and anthropogenic change factors of small gases’ content in the formation of climate and weather. Results of model calculations verification and recommendations for further developments. Estimation of interaction degree of long-period changes of gas composition, dynamics of the atmosphere and climate.

Department of Experimental Physics of Atmosphere
Development of analysis techniques and current forecast of atmospheric processes and phenomena

Improving of specialist training at studying of disciplines «Methods and Devices of Hydrometeorological Measurements», «Methods of Environmental Sounding», «Methods and Devices of Current Forecasting».

Department of Atmosphere Dynamics and Remote Sensing
Temporal changes of moistening mode in regions of the Baltic, Scandinavia and North-West of the Russian Federation

Improving of bachelors, masters and post-graduate students training in the area of long-term and climatic forecast.

Department of Meteorology, Climatology and Atmosphere Protection
Development of climatic analysis methods of vertical structure characteristics of lower troposphere and biometric parameters

Creation and information feeding of specialized databases of standard meteorological observations by different regions of the world as well as specialized methods of their analysis using standard hydrometeorological observations and software supporting these methods. It will allow to elaborate different climatic maps and reference-information systems in the interests of different sectors of the national economy and defence in following directions: preservation of the environment, biometeorology, aviation meteorology, radio meteorology.

Hydrological faculty

Department of Land Hydrology
Forming of extreme hydrological characteristics under climate changes conditions

New contribution to the theory of hydrological research and estimations, on which basis it will be possible to develop sufficiently effective methods of estimations of hydrological characteristics on assessment of water storage territory with in consideration of climate changes.

Department of Hydrophysics and Hydrological Forecasts
Modelling and forecasting of hydrological and hydrophysical processes

Methods of long-term forecasting of different kind of runoffs. Estimation of sensitivity of the national economy sectors to possible changes of hydrological regime. Method of fractal diagnostics of river flow.

Department of Hydrometry
Estimation of conditions of basic hydrological and ecological characteristics of watercourse change within the framework of self-regulating system conception «basin-river flow-channel»

Development and substantiation of estimation methodology within the framework of self-regulating system conception «basin-river flow-channel». Development and substantiation of calculation diagrams. Estimation of acceptable effect value to watercourses mode for the purpose of basic hydrological-and-ecological characteristics of watercourses conservation. Creation of criterial base for the quantitative assessment of effect of different engineering structures to channels hydraulics with flood-lands.

Department of Hydrogeology and Geodesy
Development of theoretical fundamentals of ecological monitoring for provision of industrial systems with heightened risk

Creation of fundamental model of ecological monitoring for territories with heightened ecological risk.

Faculty of Oceanography

Department of Oceanography
Mathematical and laboratory modelling of thermal hydrodynamic processes in shelf seas

Setting of processes mechanisms determining inflow and spreading of denser waters in shelf seas as well as their dependence of their spreading on morphometry, bathymetry and structure of water density in shelf sea.

Department of Fishery Oceanography and Nature Waters Protection
Development of methods of oceanological provision with resources for shelf seas of Russian Federation

Developed and approved research methods for analysis and reproduction of oceanological processes, on which basis there is a possibility of formation of control systems of shelf seas resources.

Department of Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Interdisciplinary researches in the interests of development of integrated coastal zone management in Russia

Identification of interests of seafarers, which are subject to mutual agreement and optimization. Exposure of perspective requirements of economical activity agents’ natural resources of dislocated in coastal zone of the Baltic Sea and the White Sea. Conflict problems in coastal zone and development of regulation system of seafarers’ relations. Global, European and regional problems of sea activity development in the Baltic region. Determination of potential and preliminary estimate of prospects of demographic development in coastal zone of the Baltic Sea and the White Sea.

Department of Marine Information Technologies
Development of methodology and practice of education process by the direction «Information Security of Telecommunication Systems» for students training at the Department of Marine Information Technologies

1. Technologies of remote monitoring of environment and objects in the interests of ecological, resource and antiterrorist problems solving.

2. Development of methodology and mechanisms of cooperation between universities and the scientific organizations of the coastal states in the field of ecology, studying of marine environment characteristics in the coastal zone.

3. Provision of information security in multicomputer system and telecommunications network and development hardware-software means of information protection.

4. Methods of modeling and processing of information in distributed multisensor geoinformational systems.

Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Physics

Department of Ecology
Effect of environment factors and anthropogenic press on individual organisms, population and ecosystems

Improving of specialist training in the field of ecology, possibility for students’ scientific work inclined to take an active part in research process doing term papers and degree works on concrete plans.

Department of Applied Ecology
Research of biotic and abiotic components variation of water and terrestrial ecosystems under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors

Creation of databases on environment operating characteristics on basis of standard hydrometeorological and geoecological observations. Completion of scientific recommendations formation of environmental basing in rivers and reservoirs of urban territories. Development of estimation method of extreme and geoecological phenomena. Development of integral estimation method of environmental conditions.

Department of Environmental Chemistry
Analysis of chemical pollution of environment

Department of Physics
Physical-chemical aspects of environmental monitoring

Reception of ion spectral-response characteristics, chemical reaction constants.

Department of Mathematics
Development of mathematical modelling methods

Estimation of backward signal in polluted atmosphere. Estimation of temporary change of electric fields and currents close to the surface in conditions of Antarctica.

Faculty of Economics and Socio-Humanitarian Sciences

Department of Economics and Management
Application of intraorganizational systems of quality management to institute of higher education (by the example of RSHU)

Methodology and stages of development and application of quality management system elements to institute of higher education, elaboration of control of processes at organization departments of institute of higher education.

Department of Environmental Economics and Entrepreneurship
Management of Environmental Economics

Carrying out of analytical treatment of contemporary legislative measures and mechanisms of enterprise nature management regulation. Development of regulation methods of environmental activity with consideration of ecological safety specification and expediency, creation of contemporary normative base. Construction of management model of nature-use activity with consideration of enterprise’s production peculiarities. Fusion of facts of ecological accounting with a view to establish feedforward of nature management aspects to financial results of activity.

Department of Sciences
Humanitarian-and-ecological paradigm of higher education system of the Russian Federation

Development of new conceptual methods of teaching methodology of socio-humanitarian disciplines. Optimization of «attachment» of the whole teaching cycle of socio-humanitarian disciplines to the whole disciplines system teaching in RSHU. Preparation of collective monograph by research issue.

Department of Russian Language
Language and society

Making programmes for disciplines of faculty economics and socio-humanitarian sciences. Development of materials for courses of «Stylistics», «Russian Language and Standard of Speech». Edition of methodical manuals for courses of «Editing», «Standard of Speech».

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